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Monday, September 10

SONG OF THE DAY: Bismillah

When you about to go on a trip, trek, seek, wander, or pilgrimage, you say “bismillah” as exclamation of “let’s let this all be good”, whether you walking to the corner store or walking to the Pacific Ocean or walking to the real Mecca or whatever aesthetic mecca is the mecca of your current existence, you say that “bismillah” for universal blessings. (FYI, can’t go wrong with Tinariwen playing inside your head or better yet heart or better yet both in the middle of that venn diagram of the two called mind the entire time.) To break it down in the nonsensical yet entirely logical way that folks do, it can be regarded as bi-ism-allah. Bi meaning from, or actually by, though you could make it bi as in two as well as its your relationship with the universe. Ism meaning how you break it down, as in racism is the process of breaking down races, or sexism is breaking down sexes. (Channel Live spoke up with a hot jam back in the day about alternative slang of “izm” which is also just a conduit for getting high, or further up on that universal plane, although the people who live upstairs from me got mad weed smoke blowing out the windows but don’t sound like they getting on no higher plane; just moving a lot of furniture around at 2 in the morning.) Then Allah, which islamophobes fear as some horrible version of a deity, really just means whatever god means to you, or the universe, even if that’s just scientific analysis of the universe, whatever makes up the universe and is the rules and ways by which the universe is made, that’s allah essentially. It ain’t gotta be some bearded dude trying to throw bombs at you. Anyways, believe it or not I don’t get high on izm, and yet I still think this way I’m laying out. You can break meaning out of everything – that’s the beauty of language, and also human mind, and also universe’s weird energies which are always changing yet stable in their constant excitement. So where do you wanna go? Make the pilgrimage, make that trek, walk a fuckin’ thousand steps, twenty miles, whatever man (or woman), and shout out or mumble that exclamation of “what up universe? let’s be cool” when you take that first step.

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