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Saturday, September 22

Aki Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day Thirteen: HOKUTOFUJI (8-5)

[ee see dubyoo! ee see dubyoo!] 

after seven days, 
Hokutofuji was tied 
with the unbeatens 

since that day, he’s struggled to 
maintain that unblemished pace 

after couple days 
of losses, he finally 
got kachikoshi 

he’s struggled to get further 
into the winning column 

Nishikigi and 
he had a stubborn battle, 
with a trick ending 

Hokutofuji tried to 
twist at dohyo’s edge for win 

gyoji pointed 
his way at first - monoii 
called by ringside crew 

Nishikigi pretty slow 
to get up, arm dangling limp 

four feet clinging to 
permitted area, two 
bodies crush sideways 

original decision 
reversed with further review 

first seven bouts fought perfect; 
momentum shifts quick 

and yet Hokutofuji 
fights with every last step 

sumo continues 
to be an unforgiving sport 
for these rikishi 

trajectories dissipate 
before one has chance to think 

(later day thirteen, 
battle of yokozunas 
got the crowd hyped up) 

(Hakuho easily beat 
Kisenosato, with flair) 

(Hakuho’s lock on 
winning this basho appears 

(two ozeki two losses 
back with only two days left) 

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