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Monday, September 3


I listen to so much old school low rider oldies type shit that it’s driven my family crazy on weekends. But now family is separated so I can play ‘em all night long in the sad Millhouse Dad-esque basement apartment with the alzheimers owner next door who comes by to introduce herself three times a week, and nobody says nothing. I keep the volume not too loud though because living in apartments again for first time since my 20s got me remembering how you live underneath stoners who got the alley down to your door smelling like dank and why the fuck they always moving furniture around at 1 in the morning? Like every night?
Charles Bradley is the shit; I’ve seen him play twice, and would recommend always going to see that dude play, especially if some sick ass instrumental devilry like Budos Band is opening (who are on the same label, and also part of his backing band). I imagine it was that cross-pollination of devil instrumental funk combined with Charles Bradley on a tour bus (van) that somehow led to Black Sabbath soul covers. GIVE ME MORE, Y’ALL.

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