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Thursday, September 20


Never really listened to a bunch of E-40, because he’s always come across as one of those “slang for slang’s sake” people, where you pretend everybody on Earth is saying some crazy shit you just thought up while walking to the bus stop. While I respect such ambition in destroying conventional linguistics, it gets annoying when you overdo it. That sort of became E-40’s thing. But DJ Screw subconsciously poisoned me into E-40 tolerance, so lately I revisited some of that classic ‘90s era Charlie Hustle, and it’s hard as fuck not to relate to this song, given current personal life conditions. It is all bad. People will be like “it’s going to get better” or “keep going” but honestly, sometimes shit doesn’t get better. Doesn’t mean you give up, because it only gets worse if you do, but instead of lying to people and continually saying “oh, it’s gonna get better, keep trying,” you should just go “yeah everything is fucked, but it’ll be even more fucked if you stop.” It’s like riptide, and culturally we live in a shit storm of a riptide as American empire crumbles while simultaneously everybody comfortable keeps telling you “hey, it’s not falling apart, it’s just a little blip in the exceptional ride.” Like with riptides, you’re doomed perhaps, but have to keep fighting sideways, to keep the shore in sight. Stop fighting, you’re definitely fucked; keep fighting, you’re only about 50% fucked. I guess I’ll accept those odds. (But y’all fuckers on the shore who keep saying everything’s alright better hope we the rest of us don’t have much energy left by the time we got to the shore, if we do, because we gonna stomp y’all one day.)

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