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Wednesday, September 26

SONG OF THE DAY: Chasing Love

Love is not a permanent vacation home along the shore; instead it is the ocean’s tide. That shit rolls up quite lovely, and you can lay around on the beach, and maybe the tide is high and you get yourself a vacation home to bask in the loveliness of it, but it’s an ebb and flow, and the moon gonna pull that shit back out at some point, and that home ain’t gonna be home no more. Non-traditional relationships make more sense because nothing is permanent, and no one person can really fulfill another one person’s every emotional need from now until the end. I think the old way (which is not really traditional in “way way back” sense but traditional in the common shit since western hegemony of culture) is to just grin and bear it, or work at it, or just plain suffer, as most women did in patriarchal arrangements, and to be honest, a lot of men probably did too. It’s a one-size-fits-all that don’t fit nobody.
And yet, chasing love is so much fun, whether you’re 14 or 45… getting googly eyes and tingle belly over somebody, feeling that tide roll in, warm cleansing waters of love. It might recede twenty years from now, it might recede next Tuesday… just gotta enjoy the moment.

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