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Wednesday, September 19

Aki Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day Ten: KISENOSATO (8-2)

[ya boy dirtgod needs a fat stack of them envelopes like that] 

return as yokozuna 
has been eventful 

he's hardly looked dominant, 
but he made kachikoshi 

it's been a year since 
he's accomplished such a feat - 
bad look for sumo 

gyoji called multple 
mattas (false starts) on Endo 

poor sad Endo - he's 
having an ugly basho, 
struggling entirely 

still a threat though, except when 
matta policing happens 

few bouts have true two 
hands down - it's performative 
motion in action 

but Kisenosato shall 
get all the help he can get 

official sumo 
federation wants their star 
to shine (for money) 

sumo federation wants 
Japanese yokozuna 

brings about a fat stack of 
sponsor envelopes 

thus after three false starts, we 
finally have some sumo 

Endo easily 
pushed backwards out the ring, 
a potential "work" 

"was Endo working hard, or 
hardly working?" as they say 

got his kachikoshi, and 
still only two back 

but let's be real - this is not 
the same Kisenosato 

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