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Sunday, September 16

Aki Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day Six: TAKAYASU (6-0)

[Takayasu the ozeki lounger] 

Takayasu’s still 
one of my favorites - so 
cool-eyed, collected 

day six sees his opponent 
as Brazilian Kaisei 

obviously, not 
much sumo tradition in 
tropical Brazil 

Kaisei's held rank for some time, 
but been struggling this basho 

Takayasu wastes 
no time in wasting Kaisei, 
remains unbeaten 

Kaisei almost scores hip toss, 
yet Takayasu denies 

wobble without flip, 
he digs in and finishes 
Kaisei for six wins 

 one point, I thought he was 
destined for yokozuna 

he’s second-longest 
ozeki, but sat out past May 
basho entirely 

perhaps could’ve gotten wins 
then for the big promotion 

last basho, faired well, 
but wasn’t dominant like 
ozeki should be 

thus far this aki basho, 
unblemished record, calm-faced 

he never shows much 
emotion, possessing eyes 
like a true lounger 

two yokozuna, plus one 
other also unbeaten 

for ozeki to 
take that last step, he’s gotta 
choke out those above 

Hakuho and Kakuryu, 
however, still look too strong 

oh Takayasu - 
were you to gain promotion, 
would demeanor break? 

would yokozuna status 
cause aloof look to liven? 

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