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Wednesday, September 12

Aki Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day Three: YUTAKAYAMA (0-3)

[Yutakayama almost had him] 

day three was so full 
of amazing sumo, hard 
to pick one highlight 

poor Kyokutaisei, the young 
judoka rising star, hurt 

his third basho, when 
he won the Fighting Spirit 
in his May debut 

top level sumo doesn’t 
forgive, as day three showed 

twisting at dohyo’s 
edge for victory, also 
twisting ligaments 

limping off into fusen 
future, after three bashos 

and Mitakeumi, 
fighting towards ozeki class, 
took a wicked bump 

looked as though Tamawashi 
had lost, but it was ruled tie 

upon redo, young 
Mitakeumi bullrushed to 
a convincing win 

the banzuke scroll’s crowded 
up top, hard to grow your name 

but the main event 
saw Kisenosato fight 

ahh… Kisenosato - 
Japan’s xenophobic pride 

retirement whispers 
as he sat out four of last 
six sumo bashos 

he withdrew early in four 
others - sixteen months of shade 

early last year, he 
won as ozeki, received 
promotion, and won 

since then his left pectoral 
muscle has caused much disgrace 

this basho has been 
hyped as his return, so 
Tokyo crowd’s been hot 

closing out day three, with strong 
fight with Yutakayama 

his chest (and heart) held 
up against incessant mule 
push from opponent 

at dohyo’s edge both tumbled 
out rope about the same time 

feet held inner-sanctum just 
long enough, then jumped 

Yutakayama’s arm crashed 
back into earthen stage first 

official consults 
to verify victory, 
but decision held 

Kisenosato’s return 
appears a reality 

the yokozuna, 
all three, remain unbeaten 
after our third day 

why did I quit this project? 
nothing’s better than sumo 

Yutakayama - 
despite doing the job, showed 
great fighting spirit 

no shame at all in pushing 
a yokozuna to edge 

youth bely sumo prowess, 
as his ranking shows 

his highest ranking ever, 
and he'll struggle this basho 

but he's shown without 
a doubt he belongs with this 
main event showing 

perhaps another future 
Japanese yokozuna? 

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