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Tuesday, September 11

SONG OF THE DAY: Waterfalls

T-Boz was an all-time Raven Mack crush. I still sometimes think me and her could get together. It’s possible. Not sure why I got a TLC retro kick this past year but I did, and I did hard. This is their biggest hit, and still a chill song. But is it chill because it’s actually chill, or is this the stains of nostalgia for olden days where the bad memories have dissipated and only good thoughts remain? And I didn’t even listen to TLC back then because I was a young adult male and too goddamned hard to be listening to R&B. Toxic masculinity has so many weird tendrils into all the things we do as grown ass men, afraid to not be the hardest hardest hard as hard can get. Worried more about erectile dysfunction than emotional dysfunction. Oh well. While it’s hard to agree with shutting people down for wanting to see a waterfall, I’m 100% down with sticking to the rivers I’m used to, because they’re pretty chill rivers, and I don’t really know them as well as I could. So T-Boz, if you reading this by chance, googling yourself, and somehow the devil ass algorithm doesn’t block me, any time you wanna come through Virginia and float a section of either the Rivanna or the James with a dimple-bearded elevated consciousness country boy, hit me up. Email in the sidebar. I got you.

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