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Sunday, September 16

Aki Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day Five: YOSHIKAZE (5-0)

[Yoshikaze's abnormal helicopter arm warm-up seems to be giving him powers] 

fifteen days of bouts, 
break them down to trinities - 
start, middle, and end 

your beginning must build the 
necessary momentum 

this is not unlike 
rikishi’s initial blast 
after both hands touch Earth 

middle trinity would be 
regaining a strong balance 

this establishes 
chance at final trinity - 
defeating failure 

thus that first five basho bouts 
creates your trajectory 

Yoshikaze has 
been makuuchi mainstay 
for over ten years 

one basho runner-up in 
all that time, zero titles 

his lowest ranking 
in a decade as well, he’s 
come out with real fight 

positioned in second bout of day 
means shrinking banzuke name 

but Yoshikaze, 
undefeated, maintains that 
momentum fifth day 

Chiyomaru is one of 
sumo’s most mountainous men 

but Yoshikaze 
attacks with veteran’s keen 
patient awareness 

surviving Chiyomaru’s 
initial blast, then grounding 

without shook footings, 
Yoshikaze thrusts the big 
opponent backwards 

and just like that, accomplished 
a perfect first trinity 

bigger opponents 
await though, with six other 
men still unbeaten 

all three yokozuna, plus 
an ozeki, and two more 

ain’t no basho 
like Tokyo basho because… 
well, it’s gonna stop 

but we’ve gone through the first third, 
and no one’s taken control 

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