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Monday, September 17

Aki Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day Eight: RYUDEN (7-1)

[young Ryuden flexing a little] 

entered day eight as one of 
four unbeaten dudes 

across the way - Ryuden 
the young hopeful rikishi 

Ryuden showed mad 
promise at first, coming up 
same time as Abi 

but that boy Ryuden has 
been little inconsistent 

consistency at 
upper sumo echolon 
never that easy 

big fuckers smashing you, two knees 
carrying weight like peasants 

upon this eighth day 
of autumn aki basho, 
Ryuden stepped up 

too many dudes still ain't lost, 
leaderboard tightens daily 

Hokutofuji, low on 
banzuke scroll, dreaming of 
potential title 

but Ryuden ruined them 
hopes, putting first X on sheet 

held at edge, resisting his 
first basho defeat 

but Ryuden was like "fuck 
that" - tossed my man to the floor 

is Ryuden real? 
has he found inspiration 
to perform sikkly? 

don't fuckin' know bro; I'm just 
watching some good ass sumo 

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