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Monday, September 17

twitter renga #0818

[twitter renga done one tanka at a time, 
at my @_raven_mack_ twit acct] 

one year after "bad 
people on both sides" comments, 
bad energies rise 

life in America feels 
more fascist than not most days 

I sit at bus stop 
right where people were beaten 
most days of the week 

walk through that intersection 
multiple times every week 

information shared 
through digital means is not 
real information 

educating yourself by 
clicking links is false knowledge 

then again, nothing's 
real; all's a conspiracy; 
life has no meaning 

grasping for explanations 
like drowning fingers at air 

already declared 
state of emergency for 
downtown Charlottesville 

one thousand geared-up cops shall 
arrive, but for what purpose? 

community on 
edge pushed closer to edge, with 
no explanation 

we're left to dwell on hearsay, 
rumors, and filtered info 

the past week felt more 
like a month to be honest - 
your boy's exhausted

proud of my community 
though, surviving together 

psychic exhaustion 
hard to sleep off - can't unsee 
stealth panopticon 

"sharing openly" online 
means self-snitching - DON'T FORGET 

community cares 
for themselves when/wherever 
institutions fail 

the quality of this care 
is also vastly improved 

world continuing 
to cave inward, withdrawing 
to only safe space 

withdrawn, and lacking support, 
navigating the darkness 

why are so many 
others' needs tethered to me? 
what about raven? 

how the fuck do I escape 
this heartless plough horse feeling? 

"it will get better" 
people assure, but nothing 
suggests this is true 

the tethers become further 
tangled, more complicated 

anxiety and 
anger, anxiety and 
anger... on repeat 

remind myself to breathe deep; 
one day I'll breathe red clay 

my inheritance 
is addiction, depression, 
and self-destruction 

the privilege to destroy 
self in unobserved margins 

how much of whiteness 
is feudal servitude to 
lords, and not brothers? 

I'd rather slit golden throats 
than bemoan broken borders 

el jefe es un 
bastardo, this has always 
been true, from day one 

his father is greed, thus none 
of us seen as his equal 

patriarchal hymns 
and western civ progresses 
sown into young minds 

those who take pride in settling 
are denying themselves growth 

a universe grows 
in ways antithetical 
to economics 

hoarding resources with armed 
fist is not actual growth 

fearmongerers might 
control the digital fog 
machines, but not me 

tear down all the fences and 
your "both sides" argument dies 

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