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Wednesday, September 12

Aki Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day Four: SHOHOZAN (3-1)

[couldn't get the Shohozan/Kotoshogiku 
bout by itself for gif, so here's 
a bloody Tochinoshin instead] 

sumo rikishi 
balance unbelievable 
considering size 

mountainous men cultivate 
twin feet centered and grounded 

been unblemished this basho 
up until day four 

he seemed to have Shohozan 
bound for elimination 

but Shohozan - a 
wily veteran - maintained 
delicate balance 

finally stepping aside, 
Kotoshogiku tumbled 

the dance of giants, 
all those ceremonial 
foot stomps create roots 

tendons tendril into Earth 
at metaphysical plane 

of note, later day 
four, there was much bloodshed shown 
by top rikishi 

Tochinoshin’s eye busted, 
and Kisenosato’s lip 

autumnal Aki 
Basho rekindling my love 
for this foreign sport 

only four days in, but hyped 
for all possible outcomes 

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