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Tuesday, September 11

Aki Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day Two: ABI (2-0)

[lol Endo again sent Outdo] 

young Abi’s hopes as 
high as he stands in dohyo - 
imposing, lanky 

only his fifth basho at 
sumo’s utmost echelon 

hist first two this year 
he achieved double digit 
wins in both bashes 

then through summer he struggled - 
the big boys are all big boys 

nowhere to hide in 
makuuchi, got himself 
two makekoshi 

but with autumn comes new hope - 
a cold-natured person’s spring 

Abi’s two for two 
so far Aki Basho, looks 
full of confidence 

can he step into big frame’s 
full potential? time shall tell 

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