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Wednesday, September 5

MOTYOTD: Backlund vs. Snuka (June 28, 1982)

This is more of an FYI, because I'm moving more of my nonsense gibberish projects over to my patreon. $1 a month means you can see all that shit. If you don't want to see it, that's fine. I don't feel good about openly sharing shit online any more, because people are either horrible and looking to out you for anything on Earth, or everything is funneled through Yakubian algorithms. But I made this patreon post a public one, so you can read it whether you've signed up to support or not. But I encourage you to support my nonsense, because I've got a lot of it, and even though I won't be sharing it all here openly all the time any more, doesn't mean I won't be doing it still.

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