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Sunday, September 16

Aki Basho 2018 Honour Tanka Day Seven: MITAKEUMI (6-1)

[everything that is great about giant dudes slap fighting in a ring] 

if there were any 
doubts young Mitakeumi was 
a beast, this squashed them 

of course he won last basho, 
of course he's a budding star 

my friend Dan (who is 
an accurate sumo star 
rater) had forewarned me 

this was perhaps sumo match 
of the year (at least thus far) 

Takakeisho - 
an even younger star, full 
of promise as well 

perhaps this was two young men 
fighting for yokozuna 

came hard as fuck - constant and 
most aggressively 

Mitakeumi persevered 
through hard slaps and strong throat thrusts 

stepped aside, Mitakeumi 
flirting with ring edge 

somehow after absorbing 
all that punishment, he spun 

as Mitakeumi 
looked to be finished, he did 
one-foot pirouette 

Takakeisho gave push, 
missed spinning Mitakeumi 

Takakeisho - 
perhaps sumo's future - dropped 
both palms to the sand 

Mitakeumi had survived 
toughest bout seen yet this year 

with one loss, still in 
striking distance after one 
week; crowded leaders 

Hakuho, Kakuryu, and 
Takayasu all ain't lost 

one week into this 
autumn basho, four men still 
sit undefeated 

and young Mitakeumi grows 
his legend more, one loss back 

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