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Friday, September 14


I got them natural born dimples which as a kid was obvious. My youngest daughter has the same. Around 8, I got the chip tooth up front to complement the dimples, nice one-two as a youth, but hadn’t really grown into myself. Now as grown ass man (word to Jhi-Ali), I got the blackberry bush beard to round out the facial combo, and usually I can tell how charged my spirit is by how hard my lime green/blaze orange aura is laser beaming out the dimples. Used to be I had to look in the mirror to see it, practice smiling, always feeling lost in the darkness. I was born in a tunnel of darkness, no big deal, plenty folks born even further back in the tunnel, so I was blessed to see a little light off in the distance. The darkness gets hard to tolerate, your eyes adjust and you learn to see shapes and make things out while completely immersed in the darkness. You also might tend to self-destruction or self-medication in the darkness, which I did both, ain’t no shame in it. I don’t now, for the most part, and the light is still off in the distance. I’ve gotten to an age where I know the limitations of my existence, and realize most likely I’m not gonna get out the tunnel in my lifetime. So many of us get buried so deep in these tunnels of darkness, and self-help folks will tell you “change your outlook and you’ll be free!” Well, yeah changing your outlook will help you deal with your situation much better and in healthier ways, but let’s be real here – we not all gonna be free in current system where so many people stuffed into tunnels from birth or just born deep in them because whole sections of society been forced downward for generations. But I feel pretty good in knowing that my kids were born closer to the tunnel’s exit than me. And if I keep my shit straight enough, we get further out. Maybe they find they exit one day. Maybe they have setbacks and go further into the tunnel than where we are, though I hope we’re equipping them with the necessary philosophies and skill sets to not do that. But life is life.
Anyways, all this is to say I can feel the charge now where I don’t need to look in the mirror, dimple lasers beaming hard, the world around me reverberates with reflective vibrations, and shit’s good. I mean, it’s still dark as fuck, and I’m mostly lost, but I feel good. And even though I’m still in that tunnel, knowing I might not likely ever escape it in my lifetime, it’s okay, I got these lime green blaze orange aura laser beam dimples beaming a little extra light today, and I’m finding my motherfuckin’ way.

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