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Monday, August 7

#74 RAP TAPES: 2pacalypse Now

Ahh, 2pac the martyred merchandising machine. This was his first solo tape, and other than a couple of singles, the only thing I own by dude. I dug this a bit when I got it, but it was real hit or miss. 2pac was always an enigma, doing something heartfelt like "Keep Ya Head Up" and then doing some simple shit playing gangsta. I guess he did a ton of songs (or he ain't dead) so you're gonna have all sorts of conflict. He's got a fuckin' record coming out now, a duet album with Scarface called 2Face.
It's also weird for me to hear people think 2pac is this great emcee. Like it used to be folks would talk about Pac and Biggie in that vein, and now they mention Jay-Z and I guess Nas, but for me, that conversation has always just been Big Daddy Kane and Rakim. Proliferation aside, I'd never put Pac up with either one of those dudes. Oh well, he made Suge some money, although Suge is bankrupt now; but he'll be back. You can't keep a cockroach down.

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