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Sunday, August 13

Confederate Mack Issue 51 Hype!

I had thunk I was gonna stop doing the zine, having lost my love for zine output there for a few months, but I don't know, having someone ask me about the zine when catching up with old friends or hearing stories of some person I never met quitting his job or getting through a shitty time by laughing at my dumb shit always made me feel better than some email from someone saying this or that about crappy internet shit.
But I'm also not selling them online anymore. They're free from my car, and I'll trade through the mail like I always do. You know what I like so feel free to send slick shit my way (Raven Mack PO Box 569 Scottsville, VA 24590). There's also a ton of CDs I'd be happy getting burned copies of, so hit up the message board for any info on that. But here's the rundown of what's in this new-assed issue of The Confederate Mack zine...
FIFTY ONE EMCEES MUST GET DISSED - Intro of sorts that originally introduced an all-sports related lists thematic issue that peetered out as I lost motivation late last fall; very long-winded tangential rant (imagine that) about listening to the Redskins game that didn't come on my antennae TV on the AM radio with my car parked by railroad tracks drinking beer.
RETURN TO ZINE MIND-STATE - This was the first re-intro I did when I first thought I was gonna get back into the zine, yet I still didn't for another couple of months.
ONE HUNDRED PERFECT RECORDS - Self-explanatory list of perfect musical records that have been made in the modern history of stupid man, plus with how they're perfect, or at least when they are perfect.
LONG ASS HIP HOP WEEKEND LIVE ACT REVIEW BULLSHIT - For some reason, the shit city I live near had a double bill one weekend, with a Blackalicious plus like five other underground indy acts show on a Saturday night, and a Ghostface Killah plus like five other average odd smorgasbord of acts like you only find on hip hop shows show on a Sunday night. This is my expert whiteboy analysis of all them motherfuckers.
REBURF - Third intro of this zine, where I got rebooted a couple weeks ago, and even went back to the impossible to read over-kerned word processor 15 pt. jam I so love (first half of this zine is actually mostly readable without grandpa glasses). Explains how the rebirth of the zine was heavily related to going to see Slayer in Cleveland, Ohio.
ALL-AMERICAN STORY OF KILLING DOGS & WRECKING CARS FOR FUN - This is that article I had in the newest Carbon 14. Morbid shit, and I fully expect some people who know me closely to think less of me after reading it, but fuck it.
REFERENCES, EXPLANATION, & ADDENDUMS - I was gonna talk about a bunch of shit I meant to correct, but instead I just talked about how I'm going to build an army once I'm rich.
LOUNGER'S INDEX - Back page take-off on that shit in Harper's magazine.

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