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Saturday, September 9

#57 RAP TAPES: I Wish My Brother George Was Here

Being a white guy into rap, I find it personally important to hate most things that white guys into rap enjoy. But I can't do it with this one. I love hearing about how dark-skinned girls are so great, and about life in the meadow. It's funny to imagine Del and Ice Cube, true cousins, hanging at the family reunions when they were 11. And "Sleepin' On My Couch" is definitely my favorite song off this tape, mostly because I was the antagonist character from that song for like two years of my life at one point. Those were good days. When you sleep on someone's couch, have a spare key to the back door, and still can somehow bring a woman "home" to sleep with you, on the couch, much to the uncomfortableness of the apartment rent-payers come morning time, that's quality lifelong memories that can't be stolen by terrorists nor republicans.

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