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Saturday, June 2

MNZ: Beautiful/Decay Issue S

Beautiful/Decay is another of those artsy mags (so much so it has rounded corners!) that has about 75% dumb shit, but out of that 25% of good stuff, there'll be one sliver of that which makes it all worthwhile. This issue of B/D, this dude Deuse Seven was that for me. Street artist graff dude who, instead of spray paint craziness, does intricate crazy shit looking like Dr. Seuss Lorax on acid in the middle of a grimy city on a bad trip trying to make it all good. I'd pay that dude to come to my house and cover the side of one of my campers. I probably couldn't pay him what he would want, being he is a "street artist" which is a tricky way of saying, "Yo, I do gallery shows but I can design t-shirts for you too."
This issue also features some annoying ass title font they made up from stereotypical metal band logos. It sucks. I love metal and I love stupid fonts, but that shit was annoying and pretentious.
(I wanted to upload the cover, but these stupid ass art mags act like everybody lives in the middle of Brooklyn with a bootleg wi-fi connection. And plus I got mad spyware from masturbationary searches, so my shit gets clogged too easy. Also, I'm taxing an already low-rate connection by dl'ing a T-Pain mixtape. I think he and Akon should have a robot voice death battle.)

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