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Saturday, June 2

MNZ: Fader Issue 46

Haha, Fader is awesome because it really loves some hippie shit but wants to play it off. This issue is a Jerry Garcia cover issue, but a lot of the talk about Jerry is dudes who talk about how they hate hippies and how corny hippie shit is but how Jerry Garcia was different. Still, Fader is a great magazine for dudes who like to leave magazines laying around and you want shit you can wheat paste to the walls of your apartment or wrap birthday presents inside of. I enjoy Fader though, and you probably would to if you tried. Nice mix of weird obscure retro with new shit I never heard of. There's also some big ad section of Rocawear with Jay-Z in Africa. That shit is funny looking, like he gives a fuck. Also, there's a bunch of pics in one folio feature of how totally screwed and hopeless shit is on the Pine Ridge reservation. I know a dude who's totally into injun shit, doing sweat lodges every other weekend and all. And I can dig on that maybe once or twice a year, but that's not my culture. I didn't grow up around dudes smoking peace pipes and shit. But this cat's way into it. Well we were camping last week at this herbalist older dude's farm, and he talked about growing organic tobacco for the Wannabi tribe. Other guy is like, "Who?" And older cat is, "You know, I Wannabi an Indian. Wannabis." That shit was funny. If he was really into injun culture, he'd sniff freon and start a gang.

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