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Wednesday, June 20

MNZ: National Geographic July 2007

Natty Geo is a really boring magazine, and unless they have pictures of how fucked up perfectly imperfect some small town in America or some warped city in a Third World country is, it's not worth even looking at. And even with those good times, it's better when it's a crusty 30-year-old issue than a brand new one. So I won't be reviewing anymore of these. I'll also try to make sure I explain to my stupid mother-in-law not to renew the shit. She was all talking about how bad illegal immigrants were and I was trying to get away from it, and she's a Welsh lady anyways who came to America like 5000 years ago to do nothing good except blend her DNA with a dude to make my wife, but she's all bitching about the Hispanics and now the Italians with their diseases and all this crap, and I was trying to brush it off because I don't care really but didn't know how, so finally I just said, "Yeah, I know what you're saying. My dad was always freaked out by how you wasn't American." She had to get off the phone pretty quickly after that.

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