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Wednesday, June 20

MNZ: Vice Volume 14 Number 6

Vice magazine is really stupid. Like, I guess if I found skinny dudes and homely girls with 6-year-old boy asses hot, and talking like the internet seemed hilarious to read in printed format for me, this might be my favorite magazine ever. But basically it's just a shitty magazine run by the type of fags who moderate message boards and think Jap chicks and simply drawn cartoons using curse words are awesome. I mean fuck, even Patton Oswalt is in this issue and sucks. Patton Oswalt hardly ever sucks, but he really sucks with the dumb shit about a heroin movie he wrote in here. Even when you see titties in here, it's those weird tiny pointy Russian immigrant slut titties that creep me out. If it wasn't for that skinema dude, there'd be nothing of redeeming value in this issue. Although it will be fun to put it in the free bin at the library.

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