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Sunday, April 6

MNZ: Departures March/April 2008

Somebody dropped a ton of these off in the library free bin last fall, from the '80s mostly, and they had crazy great pictorials for my nefarious purposes. Plus, it's geared towards upper echelon financial people with monocles and big sacks that have dollar signs painted on them, so high dollar glasses frames advertisements from 1986 were crazy funny. I did not realize how deeply Miami Vice had influenced our society back then. Anyways, this was a new issue, and I had high hopes, but all it was was stupid ads for stuff I'll never afford. It also reminded me of how stupid rap musics have become (namely the newest Fat Joe single and that "Louie Bags" song with Young Jeezy) because dudes think it's hard and cool to brag upon designer labels and spending tons of money at the mall. It's like hip street music is made by old Jewish women all of a sudden. People have lost touch with fucking reality; or maybe ghetto youth run around dreaming of Donna Karan handbags insetad of, you know, owning a fucking home.

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