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Tuesday, April 22

MNZ: Donk Box & Bubble Summer 2008

(Note: This is actually the cover to the 3rd issue, but I didn't feel like scanning the actual cover since I have a stack of a CDs and my super thick dictionary on top of the scanner right now. It'd be too much trouble to move all that shit.)
Every day I go to the grocery store, I walk through their raggedy magazine aisle hoping for a new issue of Donk, which only comes out twice a year, put out by Rides magazine. Last Saturday, there it was. The obvious trends in high riser cars are rims that take paint to match to your car's color, which makes sense since the rims are so gigantic nowadays with turntable belt tire technology in full effect. They also have dust guards (like $100 for a four-pack) that you can paint and put on behind the rims so if you get rims with less gaudy visible chrome, that shit looks good. I would like to see someone fabricate a Dayton style gold (or chrome) spoke rim that accomodates a backing plate as well, because that shit would be tight.
The other thing I saw that seems amazing to me is there is some shit called Outrageous Finishes (that's the company) that has developed a paint that is shiny as candy paint, but also has the color-shifting looks of certain paints (often used on race cars, like the Vega stationwagon my uncles race), and also has a pearl finish instead of high gloss. It is the best of all worlds, if the only worlds were 8-Ball & MJG fans, people who like drag racing a lot, and grandmothers who drive Buicks.
This issue had more variety in vehicles, with a Buick Electra and a Pontiac GTO (which had an unfortunate rear spoiler, which have always looked gay as fuck, from muscle car days to Honda Civic era). But the stars were still the early '70s Impalas. And thankfully, there weren't that many "bubbles", which are pimped out '90s to '00s era Caprices. Man, that's a fucking stupid car to spend so much accessorizing money upon.
Also, a full-page ad with a half-naked white slut in this issue led me to Rim Financing's webpage, where you can use your tax refund to get rims. I was just figuring what with the economic stimulus shit going down next month to try and prevent us from admitting we're all fucked, they expect you to blow that money, and what better way to ride over top the homeless fuckers in our American streets than on top of some shiny ass 26s?

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