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Tuesday, April 1

MNZ: JPG Magazine Issue 15

The Noir Issue is what the cover promises, and I had $33 dollars on a card, so I figured fuck it, let's buy $27 worth of magazines at the fancy book store. JPG is contributor-driven, meaning people who read it (or know about it) send in their own shit, and it usually makes for a good ass visual magazine, although there isn't really anything to read inside of it. But fuck it, magazines are for looking at; if I wanted to read, I would've bought a used copy of the Koran. I had some dreams upon the future, and I feel kind of compelled to get my Muhammad a little clearer in my cluttered mind, because I think the people who are gonna do the best to behead these tentacled-ass bitches running around pushing the buttons are probably gonna want to speak to me into in some Muhammad-tinged talkings.

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