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Tuesday, April 1

MNZ: Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine April 2008

Great, my subscription finally runs out and the last one I get is the first good one they've mailed me in like a year. This one was mostly illustrators, and there were a couple of things I liked (Rinzen, Dalek, some Asian chick), plus an interview with a dude named Aaron Horkey who is right motherfucking on in what he says, and his illustrations are nice too. Rather than being street artist in SF or NY or LA like you'd expect, he lives in rural ass Minnesota. So-called street art needs more motherfuckers from outside the box, because a lot of that shit is tired as fuck. Now I gotta try and donate some plasma so I can re-up my subscription to Juxtapoz so they can suck my creative energy into vortexes of fuckthissidness for another year.

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