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Tuesday, April 29

MNZ: Mass Appeal Issue 50

I don't know, I felt underwhelmed by this issue of Mass Appeal, perhaps because I expect goofy greatness from it. Seemed more like a sneaker ad to me this time around. Plus the cover story is the stupid The Game, who is like the most overblown piece of shit, covered in bad tattoos like Eazy-E, N.W.A., and that thing on his cheek that was the butterfly but turned into an L.A. (ala Dodgers style) that is now backgrounded by a giant red star... his whole schtick just cries "GIVE ME ATTENTION! MY DADDY DIDN'T LOVE ME!" but not in a ghetto child way where you don't know your daddy but more of a white kid way where your dad was around but he was a piece of shit and you spent all your childhood life trying to impress him but never seemed to and then he died and now you're left with all these conflicted emotions with nowhere to resolve them. So in turn you over-obsess about your relationship with Dr. Dre, or you get stupid tattoos to call attention to yourself outwardly to pull people away from the internal struggles that nobody would really care about anyways since we all go through bullshit like that.
I was sad that the R.A. the Rugged Man piece was rather short this month, an interview with Roger Corman. They should just give the magazine over to R.A. so it'll definitely be worth a shit. On the plus side, I don't remember seeing any of Livingroom Johnston's crap Bukowski-by-way-of-Harlem fiction, although I might've just automatically tuned it out.

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