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Tuesday, April 1

MNZ: Preservation November/December 2007

Another free bin at the library score, and I've gotten this mag before and mostly it's boring architecture of yesteryear discussion, but this one had an article on the housing project apartment building Elvis first lived in when his folks moved to Memphis. The place fell upon hard times in the '60s and '70s and was a regular housing project full of drugs and chaos (which is probably impossible for folks to remember that PJs at first were far more multi-cultural; my grandma lived in the projects when they first opened in Farmville, but eventually everything became more stereotypical racially and she lived in a trailer park, although that trailer park is now full of black people and basically a drug zone too because it goes downhill and you can hang out at the bottom and do your thing and see anyone coming and if they come, you hit the woods to cut across to the real projects; WHAT'S UP EASTGATE), and it became a dilapidated rundown building with plywood windows. But someone realized it was Elvis' old home, so they renovated it into apartments plus the original tiny apt. like Elvis had done up to be realistic so you can pay high dollar to stay there. But for me, it's mostly funny to think of a place where Elvis lived being all fucked up and ghetto. That'd be a great movie, with the ghost of Elvis hanging out, haunting a young thug, who is tired of hearing Ghost Elvis' bullshit. I wish that shit would write itself, but I'm gonna put my hundred monkeys on that project tomorrow.

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