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Friday, April 11

MNZ: Waxpoetics Number 27

Waxpoetics is the most expensive magazine I purposely buy in my life. It's a record nerd style magazine but written with the long-winded know-it-allness that you'd want if you dropped ten bucks on a fucking magazine that's not even reguar-sized. Back cover of this issue is Eddie Harris, and I was glad to read about him, because over the years I've found some great samples from Eddie Harris records, and when I used to smoke mad weed and would buy tons of records out the used jazz bins, I always knew an Eddie Harris joint from the '70s was gonna have some good stoner mind wrapped in headphones tangent-inducing shit in there somewhere. Being this is the internet, I have always been afraid to admit my love for Eddie Harris, as I don't want other music fucks to know a lesser-known source of good samples, but I guess if it's in Waxpoetics, everybody already knew. I ain't gonna tell you my two must-have Eddie Harris records though.
Anyways, it was interesting to read what a weird fucker he was, and how relentlessly musical. It was nice to learn something about a dude I've spent a lot of time listening at. The article on Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five though, I found kinda boring. But I guess it's hard to live up to that Latin Quarter article they had a couple issues back. Still, Waxpoetics is the only ten dollar magazine I'll ever endorse. Mike DIKK told me they have a book out now, and with keeping in their overpricing methods, it's like $40. I'll have to save up my allowance for two months to afford that.

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