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Tuesday, April 8

SURVIVAL: foot paths

With the gasohol going nuts, we're all gonna have to cut back on our driving. It's not a bad idea to learn the foot paths between places nearby, like other dudes you kick it with or the beer store or creek where you like to kick it or whatever. Also, as times get tough, it's not a bad idea to learn the foot paths to rich folks that live near you, because hardcore rich people have multiple houses and might not be around their place near your place all the time. So you can steal shit from them when shit gets tough. I know your automatic reaction is, "Oh no way! They got the ADTs and one-time will snatch me up with the quickness!" Except your enemy the police are road-bound, and you are a foot path ninja. Grab some shit and hit the foot paths and be gone. It's not like they show up with bloodhounds like old prison flicks set in the deep south. Also, most places that got the ADTs, they just got it for show.

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