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Thursday, May 1

MNZ: Sports Illustrated Commemorative Edition The 50th Running of the Daytona 500

I bought this for the pictures, but also for some of the stories of olden days in the Nascars. It's funny to me how it used to be drunken fuckers (there was someone they talked about who raced like two races with a monkey in his car) and now it's these effeminate-voiced clean-shaven fruits. I don't get Nascar at all anymore, and find it disturbing how much useless shit they are somehow able to sell people. I have also been mind-boggled lately as I went to my aunt's trucker boyfriend's funeral and he had Jeff Gordon flower arrangements. I have always operated under the impression the salt of the earth are supposed to hate privileged California go-kart boy Jeff Gordon, but I guess not. I have also become bothered by some of the dork websites I used to frequent and how there's like big Nascar fans by guys who live in cities and never drive much less own a car. That's weirder than fuck to me.
Anyways, this was fun to look at for about twelve minutes, but I wish I had dumpster dove it instead. And it needed more Curtis Turner.

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