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Thursday, October 2

100 VINYLZ: #88 - Highway to Hell LP by AC/DC

(1979, Atlantic Records)
This may come across as a corny ass pick, but sometimes the obvious shit is still the best. And I understand that every fucking white person in an English-speaking country, as well as half of Mexico and Native American reservations, owned a copy of the next album - Back in Black. But this one, the last with drunk ass Bon Scott singing, has always been my favorite. Good, solid alcohol-fueled, statutory raping music. But even beyond the obvious simple awesomeness of it, that brings impoverished drunken people of many cultures together in cheap bars, this is one of the great popular pseudo-satanic albums of all-time. Hell, serial killer Richard Ramirez pretty much based his whole Night Stalker gimmick on the album, specifically the last song "Night Prowler". And it's not that I want murderous mental cases sneaking around all over, but they have a certain intriguing value to them. Serial killers, much like feral children, provide a wonderful bounty of super-interesting newspaper and magazine articles.
But yeah, Bon Scott. That guy had the best whiskey-shredded shrieky blues rock voice ever, perfect for warbling out lyrics about sex and violence. Brian Johnson did a competent job of taking over, but Bon Scott was the fucking man. I can only hope there really is a Heaven, and it has a rundown end of town where most of the white underclass lives at, and Bon Scott has some sort of band with Cliff Burton and some other dudes. I was gonna name some famous dead fuckers for other instruments, but really all I care about is Bon Scott and Cliff Burton, and I'm sure they'd jibe better with like some no-name guitarist from rural Pennsylvania who died in a drunk driving accident and a Mexican kid drummer who went brain dead after too much freon.

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kami said...

spot on this is the muthafucka! have you heard the powerage album? thats probably next best... tv here is showing acdc all next weekend - two days of both versions of the band to celebrate the new album. and i got a box full o' homebrew, control of the remote and no other plans!