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Wednesday, October 22

Homemade Song of the Week: "The Deadbeat Heartbeat of a Hobo" by 1000 Feathers

So back to some real homemade shit, done in the camper, mic into broken 4-track machine, RCA cables down to headphone jack into USB turntable into shitty laptop that hardly works because of viruses that shot out of vaginas I looked at with it, into audacity, pitch shift the vocals, and bam, that's a song. I need to get back to doing this shit, as I've been fucking around doing nothing, being a normal fucker half the time, all depressed and shit. I started writing this song one day riding around with my 9-year-old daughter, then quit because I hated it. Two days later, she asked me how it ended because she liked it so much, so I finished it, turning it into a song where I leave an imaginary daughter to be a hobo, feeling bad that I left her behind, sort of. What a great thing to dedicate to my daughter, hunh? Well, here's that song I just spoke of, low levels and all.

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