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Friday, October 31

Homemade Song of the Week: "More Than My Breath" by S.E.P.

I have forever wanted to sample "Tired of Being Alone" by Al Green, because it has always reminded me of cicadas building to a crescendo. It sounds like the woods behind my house, and my raggedy copy of Al Green's Greatest Hits has a permant skip right after the first two measures of this song from where I would always stop it and make it start over. PSY/OPS added a few swirls behind it and I think some drum bullshit too, but basically it's a simple-assed repetitive loop with my wordy ass doing shit like building word towers and finding hope for my future through wordcrafting. "More Than My Breath" is what we ended up with, off the 45s on 33 CD, that if you google it, a dl link comes up. It's actually a pretty decent CD. I always hate shit I do and I haven't gotten completely tired of it yet (although there's a few songs I could do without hearing ever again, though this isn't one of them). I want this shit played at my funeral. Not really, but it's fun to say dumb shit like that and then one random motherfucker might try to make my wife play this, but she'll be all like, "Fuck you man, I was married to him. We're gonna listen to 'Everything's Kinda Alright' instead. Who are you anyways?"

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