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Wednesday, November 12

Homemade Song of the Week: "Not the Only One" by S.E.P.

I am putting this up even though I am bored with most of the music I have that we've done. I need to get back out in the camper. I need to get all the instrumentals that PSY/OPS thinks sucks from him. I need to start doing some new shit. Wintertime's coming quick, but I'd rather not hibernate at this point. Times are still climactic, even if everyone is gaga for Obama, and shit needs to be happening. Anyways, this song was originally some lyrics I wrote in the camper to record over the instrumental of "Cadillac on 22s" slowed down a chunk of rpms, and I was gonna put it on the new Prolo CD we've been working on, but then one night at PSY/OPS house, throwing shit together at the end of 45s on 33, he played me this beat and I felt like doing something, so I just used the lyrics I had written for the fake "Cadillac on 22s" song (which I originally called "Virginia Back Roads") for the PSY/OPS beat. I like the song good enough, and I had already uploaded it to sharebee at the library the other week, so it's what you get this week. Prolo still ended up doing a "Virginia Back Roads" song over that David Banner beat, but it was just a freestyle with me and Mike Gee, and then Boogie Brown dubbed in a hook he sang like a hobo wino, which is his style. Hopefully, I can get some of the final mixed new Prolo shit to start putting up for all four of you who actually look at this blog, but for now, have at this "Not the Only One" song.

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