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Thursday, January 1

(frybread) Tentacles of the Beast

I have signed into the void that is Facebook recently(Raven Mc, if you're a really white person who does those white person things like Facebook), and I kicked around the idea a couple weeks ago when hearing some white people who are friends talk about it like it was great awesome greatness. I am not stupid... if the TV news is all talking about Facebook, then I am behind the times, and something else I don't know about is the new shit that everyone is doing. Of course, having signed up and only logged in like three times, it seems like it's myspace but for older people to take themselves more seriously. I don't really take myself seriously, even when I'm forced to be serious. Plus, I switch back and forth from luddite/rural terrorist wannabe to man of culture/techno-fetishist fairly often - too often to be substantially successful in having a bunch of people who I lost touch with probably because of the proper and perfect circumstances of life to get back in touch, see me say something stupid once in a while, and think we are pals again like when we sat on the porch, drinking 40s and playing huvna.
I find it interesting though that the multiple tentacles of technology can keep creeping into my life, under the guise of entertainment, only to clutter up my brain with far worse electronic waves than I used to be ultra-aware of from the TV signals. Shit, I'd be stoked for some old-fashioned TV signals now, what with the digital rays from TV, satellite radios, cell phone chatter, everything all swirling around me even if I don't have the proper robot to decipher the code for my understanding. It's all out there.
But I am not a smart man. I always delude myself into thinking I can handle it, like any addict ignoring his own stupid limitations to fuck around with the devil once again. So I am going to try and be constant with this blog, different themes running through my head, also putting up rough freewrites of some other shit I've been cooking up, to have out in the open and force me to be worried about how stupid it is inside the eyeballs of others. If you know me, then you probably know I tend to have like five intense creative projects going on at once, and I'll make up some ridiculously impossible parameters to work by to start a new one and force it into my daily life. This would be such a declaration. We will see how long it goes, and if anything comes from it, other than bullshit external cyberworld ego stroking for me.
I haven't done much of anything lately other than regular people life... paying bills, working when I can, raising kids. Music seems to be on the backburner as one guy I did music with is far off so we don't seem to jibe this year, and the other guy seems to be not into music so much or is cluttered in his own life so we don't seem to be jibing too well, and then I was doing music by myself in the dilapidated camper behind my house but I don't even jibe with myself too well lately.
But here I come, storming back into the robot vagina with my meandering attention span. If you enjoy the ride, however brief or extended it may be, please pass it along to a friend. The more people I'll never know who randomly and uncaringly see these things, the less useless I'll feel... until my distrusting nature kicks back in and I go back to carving haiku into rocks by the Rivanna River. But at least for the time being, it’s a New Year and a new shot at the new moon for me.

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