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Friday, May 29

Friday Love/Hate

I love a thunderstorm. Hot ass humid life cut wide open by cold ass rains, watching lightning in the distance when I'm outside the edges of the madness. If there is some sort of end times boogie and armageddon fulfillment, I hope it's just like a giant thunderstorm for about three years, sitting on the porch at times watching it happen, but also ducking in the house and hoping the hail doesn't kill off all the squash plants at times, and after it finally clears up, all the assholes on earth will be dead and gone.
I hate all this. I hate internet bullshit, hate waking up to paint stupid fucking houses where I sometimes wish my truck would blow a tire and I'd flip over and be nothing but a roadside memorial. Fucking sick and tired of a lot of the shit I'm knee deep in with no obvious branch or rope or solid ground to pull myself out of. But fuck it man. Push forward, like a retarded warrior.


kami said...

when i lived in darwin my boss would always go on holidays during the wet season and me and the other storeman would get out the deck chairs, crank up the old quadrophonic we had in the shed with quicksilver messenger service - happy trails album, light up the pipe and sit and watch the thunderstorms rolling in. hell of a way to spend yr day!

Anonymous said...

A man should not exist for himself alone.....