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Friday, August 7

100 VINYLZ: #68 - Rowdy LP by Hank Williams Jr.

(1981, Curb Records)
Another of my folks' albums that I've got now. The cover of this LP has Bocephus kicking it with a pair of trashy yet what up womenfolks in the booth of some place that allows him to have a bottle of Jim Beam and a personal jukebox. On the back side, someone's spilt a beer and everyone's laughing instead of canoodling, but I remember being a young buck and looking at all that and thinking, “I’m not sure what’s going on here but it looks cool as fuck,” like you think back before you know what’s going on completely but you’ve looked at some magazines hidden under the bed and you get that uncontrollable tingle to your brain and body.


jason said...

Awesome! I am so fucking sick and tired of people who are all like "I love Hank III and his granddaddy". Fuck them, Bocephus fits right in there.

Raven Mack said...

Yeah, to be fair, bocephus fell the fuck off pretty badly, but he had a long ass string of albums with at least a handful of good to great songs. I'd actually be more apt to listen to Jr. than Sr.