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Wednesday, February 24

(7s) Longest Serving U.S. Senators #1 - Senator Robert Carlyle Byrd (Democratic Duke of West Virginia)

Robert Byrd has been a Senator from West Virginia since January 3, 1959. You know what the #1 song in American pop culture music charts was on that day? The stupid fucking “Chipmunks Song”. That’s been some corny ass shit for decades, yet it was the number one song in America the day Robert Byrd was sworn into office. Homeboy is probably most famous for discovering his natural leadership qualities by joining the Ku Klux Klan in his early 20s, where he wrestled the mainly ceremonial title of Exalted Cyclops from a crew of seven other competitors in the KKK tradition of mud grappling. (A little known fact, this is actually the origin of the format of the original Ultimate Fighting Championships back in the 1990s.) Recognizing his potential to force his opinions on the rest of us through public office, he dedicated himself to a life of politicking, becoming a Democratic Senator back in the days when being a Democrat from the South meant you hated black folks and probably would’ve really enjoyed Rush Limbaugh had they had mind-numbing AM radio like they do now. He’s stayed a Democrat, and there are those inside the interwebs who would have you believe he’s dragged the party down, but come on. He’s just an old white dude, like most of the rest. It’s more about working relationships in our Congress than it is about any actual ideologies. The whole concept of politics is to give up a little of what you don’t really care about that much to get a little bit of what you do care about. Back scratching for mutual benefit, and when all the back scratchers come from the highest wealth levels (not tax brackets though, because many who are earning the most money did not inherit the most money, thus you can create this false indignity of the wealthy that’s actually just those finally breaking through being pissed they are getting taxed so hard just as they start clocking their generational grip), then they are going to itch at the things important to them.
The funny thing to me about Robert Byrd is how he’s an old as fuck rich white guy from West Virginia who used to be in the Klan, and has said things like this, to show how far race relations have come in his own personal experiences, “There are white niggers. I’ve seen a lot of white niggers in my time, if you want to use that word. We just need to work together to make our country a better country.” He said that in an interview in 2001, not 1966. This goes to the whole mistaken belief that one is open-minded if they don’t separate Americans by race but instead by their lot in life. Who do you think he was talking about when he said “white niggers”? The liberal elite, or people with broken chest freezers in their front yard? And when the term “nigger” is revamped to not just mean black people but to mean trashy people, is that really open-minded? Or is that who the fuck should be making decisions for all of us, the old money, the new money, and all us niggers combined?


Anonymous said...

Robert Byrd is basically a corpse with a little blood still running in his veins - but he still has a little ways to go to reach "Strum Thurmond" status. His past associations with the KKK are shamefull, though it might be hard to understand in 2010, years ago in the many parts of our Country membership in the KKK was akin to being in the local Rotary, or Lions Club.

Lastly, there's no questions that Senator Byrd will be leaving the Senate in the relatively near future. To me, his greatest accomplishment was in 2003 when he went to the Senate floor and condemed the impending invasion of Iraq for what it was: a war of choice based on manipulated "evidence" - he was correct and history will reward him in this instance.

Also, Senator Byrd condemed this money grab/war during the midst of the post 9/11 facist, flag waving, kill 'em all, "your either for or againts us", era. For that, I will remember him well...

Raven Mack said...

Excellent points you make anonymous. To be honest, his membership in the KKK back then didn't shock me really, but him saying "white nigger" in 2001 did. Seemed like by that point he would know better or have an advisor to cut him off beforehand or something.
And yes, the cash grab that's been going on since 9/11 has been pretty shameless. I think it's just the admission by those at the top that America is in decline, so they are basically cashing out their chips the first 20 years of this century.

Anonymous said...

I believe you are on to something regarding the political and economic elite "cashing out" on us this century. It appears they think the proletariat is too dumb, uninspired, and unmotivated to give a fuck - and they are correct for the most part. Maybe there is a reason why the Bilderberg Group's meetings are secret?!

But then again, history shows us that the economic and poltical elite have always attempted (and succeeded at times) to take "cash advances" out at the expense of others...this is just what they do. And they don't give a fuck!

Raven Mack said...

well, honestly, the american proletariat isn't exactly the cash cow it used to be, so I could see someone who controls that cash cow selling it off and buying into a new herd elsewhere in the world's pasture. not a diss, as I'm as guilty of it as anybody. I want more money to do less.