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Sunday, March 7

(7s) Longest Serving U.S. Representatives #4 - Representative Charles Bernard Rangel (Democratic Deacon of New York’s 15th District)

Rangel’s been in Congress since January 3, 1971, when it ws the 18th District, then got shifted to the 19th in ‘73, then the 16th in ‘83, then to the present 15th District in ‘93. It currently covers about 10 square miles (the smallest geographical district in Congress) of upper Manhattan (including the Harlems, both negro and Spanish) and Rikers Island and an industrial chunk of Queens. Rangel is actually currently catching some flack for tax cheating bullshit or something, which all them dudes do, so I’m not sure what he’s done to piss off the insiders club to have them publicly reprimand him like this. I’ve often thought of Rangel and Al Sharpton as the same human embryotic cell structure that was separated, and you trained one in actually sleeping with the white men and learning their secret handshakes and forked tongue trickeries (that’d be Rangel) and the other you trained in drinking gin in church basements and hanging out with R&B singers at tha club (that’d be Sharpton), and someone is studying the differences. Personally, I’d take a government full of Al Sharptons, so long as it was a culturally diverse group of Sharptons, so that you had wacky hillbillies and moonshine crazies and Vietnam vet Indians from South Dakota not to mention brown pride dudes galore from Mazatlan maybe even including Oscar Zeta Acosta himself if he hadn’t have been killed running drugs in Mexico.
Personally, I find Charles Rangel a creepy looking cat, and I imagine he smells like cologne mixed with hospital disinfectant with a touch of cigar smoke pilfering all his suits even though he hasn’t smoked in decades. I bet Al Sharpton smells like gin. (Ha, that was a trick statement... gin has no smell. That’s why it’s America’s favorite illicit workplace beverage.)

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