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Monday, September 20

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown - July '10 #5: "Kissin' And Cussin'" by The Carolina Chocolate Drops

Part of the same reason the divorce rate has become so high is the reason you can’t punch people without getting charged with assault. People have been trained by movies to think marriage is this perfect match that works out wonderfully and is nothing but honeysuckle juice, firm titties, and clean cotton sheets with a high thread count. You’ve got to work at a relationship just like a friendship just like dealing with any other human being on this earth surface because every brain is all tweaked out in its own very special way. A man and a woman, in the comfort of their own house, should be able to get their fight on, preferably not physically but sometimes you know how it goes (so long as no one over-steps their physical domination, if it exists, like a father shooting basketball with his kid and not shooting from inside an imaginary line), and fighting is fighting. I have good long-time friends who come from similar backgrounds and we know it’s perfectly okay to punch each other from time to time, to work off the tension that builds up in a relationship, and get on with it. Now me and the ol’ lady don’t go around hitting each other – I’ve never laid a hand on her (at least not that way, hurr hurr hurr). But things build up and we’ll blow the fuck up like the World Trade on each other at times, and it clears the air, or at least allows us to freak out how we need to be freaking out.
This is a great relationship song, because relationships, six times out of ten, are a pain in the fucking ass. When three relationship involves sex, it’s nine times out of ten, and that’s rounding down from 9.4.
Carolina Chocolate Drops, I’m not real sure yet how to take them. I heard them on NPR one day, which means I have to be wary of them. They are genuine black-ish people playing genuine country-ish music. Out of every album they’ve made, I’ve found about three songs I dig. And we have some friends who come around, and the mama of the family, she digs her some Carolina Chocolate Drops. But she also hates Hank Williams III and the idea of screwed norteno music. Plus, she’s a black chick with skinhead tattoos. I guess that’s the Carolina Chocolate Drops perfect demographic.
STEAL "Kissin' And Cussin'"
P: Cough syrup sippin’ and mom’s car steering wheel grippin’!

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