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Sunday, September 5

Weekly Recap

It was an internettedly interesting yet ultimately in real life no change week in Rojonekku land. I got mentioned at the white people famous Huffington Post, which made people in regular interactions thinks there was some sort of fame in my life. What people understand is this is a path I've been on since birth, and it doesn't matter half a fuck if the world recognizes that path or not, it is my predetermined path that I was born into. It may not get recognized until long after my death, but I have known inside my self the soul trajectory, and that's why this cybertron shit is ultimately a joke to me. But still, it was nice to see, like a panty shot but for the ego and not the penis.
Also, I have been doing NFL previews at Heavy, and basically those NFL updates I've done the past few years on this blog are there this year. I can't post the whole thing here, and I get very little money for what I am doing, but that's the nature of trying to go legit with your illegitimate bullshit. Here is the rundown of direct links from last week (and previews of the lower half of the NFL, team by team):
Intro to the previews
The Wretched of the Turf (previews of the Buccaneers, the Rams, the Bills, and the Browns)
I Swear, It Will Be Different This Time (previews of the Lions, the Chiefs, the Jaguars, and the Raiders)
M4MF Please Be Real (previews of the Broncos, the Seahawks, the Panthers, and the Cardinals)
Don't Believe The Hype (previews of the Bears, the Redskins, the Titans, and the Dolphins)
Also, there is Florida Heat Wave, of which I have a story called Escambia Counties inside the middle of it. It is from inside my brain, the story not the book. There are, at this moment, nine books inside my brain. I am working on building a transponder machine to bring them to the real world, to corrupt children and brainwash old people with early signs of Alzheimers.

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Joel said...

that Huffington Post mention is pretty wicked, good to see you're getting acknowledged for your work.