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Wednesday, December 1

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown – October ’10 #4: “Pagan Baby” by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Creedence is like the real deal white trash litmus test, because they’ve not experienced a hipster rebirth, but a lot of babies have been begun to a CCR soundtrack. A lot of trucks have been wrecked and friendships gone to fisticuffs with the Creedence in the background. As a kid, my folks played them, mostly the Willy and the Poor Boys record, which I thought the cover picture was taken down the road from us. Ain’t never been a band that more perfectly encapsulated rural twang but with a big picture view of it all.
At one point a while back, my ol’ lady said, “You know, we don’t listen to enough Creedence,” and she was right. So I stole a bunch from outside of the internet and now pretty much any Sunday morning, we are frying up homegrown bacon or sausage and letting that Fogerty rasp make it all just right. It’s also funny to see the repetition of my own youth for my children, yet I’ve tweaked the formula, hopefully for the far better. We’ll see. Everybody thinks they know, yet none of us do. And what works with one won’t work with two and might actually screw up three.
This is my favorite CCR song I never heard of before, meaning it’s not on any of those Grandes Exitos collections at Wal-Mart, and never will be. I honestly don’t even know where it came from, like what album, because it wasn’t part of my extensive collection back in the day either, as far as I know. But it’s an awesome goddamn song, and showed up regularly inside my cyberfiles after I looted some CCR from the internet. I could probably go back in there and find out what album it is, but then again so could you. Personally, I don’t think either one of us should.
STEAL “Pagan Baby”
Country song of the year, real as fuck division!


¯\(°_0)/¯ said...

While I cannot really judge whether CCR has some hipster appeal or not, I think that, if not, it is due to their overwhelming popularity. Everybody likes CCR, and probably can hum 5 or so songs. It's hard to use the most popular band in the world to support a conclusion that you are cooler than other people.

Raven Mack said...

you are right, that's what I was doing, and I was misguided to do so. in fact, you are so right I will offer you a special deal on a rojonekku t-shirt for being today's purveyor of internet patrol truth. you can have one for only $25. see the sidebar.

Raven Mack said...

also your blog is interesting. I do not care much for politics as much as you seem to, but I enjoy obscure lucha libre and appreciate your opinions on mummies.

¯\(°_0)/¯ said...

I think you misunderstood my comment. I did not mean to imply that you were using CCR as hipster credibility. The "you" in the final sentence of my comment refers to those much maligned hipsters, not you, the author of the post.

Raven Mack said...

sorry. I watched the scott pilgrim movie the other night and enjoyed it enough to be overly sensitive about whether I'm a hipster fuckface or not.

Anonymous said...

If I had a nickel for every time I have listened to "as long as I can see the light", I could bankrupt one of those coinstar machines at the Kroger. That song rules it, especially the horns. It may be one if the first songs that made me realize that horns don't automatically make songs suck. That or Bob Seger.