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Friday, April 1

Friday Love/Hate

Hate self-defeating habits, potential blindsided by lack of conditioning, lack of mental stamina. All the potential in the world but too many question marks when it comes to character. Am I tough enough for the shit I'm supposed to do, or am I making up my destiny when it has nothing to do with me? Feel like I got my stars crossed sometimes, but can't even compare the map from back then when I felt it to right now because the light pollution got me stuck in the buzz and hum, the buzz and hum, buzzes and humming swerves. Hate the destiny I know should be there, hate the fact I ain't chopped enough of the brush back far enough long on it yet. Wondering what the hell is wrong with me, will I ever wake up, am I made of asleep DNA, or conditioned that way, or what the fuck is going on. Hate it.

Love rebirth. There's always rebirth, regeneration. Wounds become scars and if you put the right amount of energetic pressure against it, even the scars will break up. Needing some rebirth, some refueling. Not feeling much of anything that's swirling around me most of the time, probably because a lot of it is cloaked in that buzz and hum, dulling down the natural aura. Where's Reverse Tesla with a reverse coil to counteract all these inequal but opposite as fuck actions that are unseen but not unfelt?

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A DC said...

I need some rebirth too. Wish I could pick up a bottle from the corner sto...