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Thursday, April 7

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown - March '11 #2: "Butt In The Meantime" by Black Sheep

Back in the days of being in college, I used to buy every fucking tape that came out, and lived with a shitty girlfriend in a shitty apartment with transvestite hookers walking back and forth outside (what up 1100 block of Grace Street, RVA!), and I'd obsessively just make mixtapes - actual 90-minute dual cassette dubbed tapes, like a fool. Bought the Gemini turntables/mixer hook-up out the back of a The Source magazine, but had to cancel the check through the bank to cover my rent before they showed up - always steadily juggling. Still though, making tapes mostly for myself, or for whoever else would take one, finding good mixes and songs that went to the other. I'd buy a tape and bump that shit and be putting a song on mixes that ended up being the next single - true DJ ear developed broke ass style. Anyways, what this all leads up to is me telling you one of my favorite song-to-song transitions then, and to this day really, is "Butt In The Meantime" coming in off the back end of "The Bridge Is Over" by Boogie Down Productions. That broken keyboard sound is in both, meandering nowhere, and shit goes good.
One of Black Sheep I think is still around, and the other one went to jail for genocide in Rwanda. Also Chi Ali the kid rapper who was so cute and kidsy on the Black Sheep tape - like the official young 'un of Native Tongues, he went to jail for killing some dude, or shooting him or something. Briefly, the whole rap dork world was like, "Oh no, it couldn't be," like we all were EPMD on a date with Jane.
STEAL "Butt In The Meantime"
The buzzards circle overhead and hide in the ditches waiting for you to wrap yourself around the guard rail at 3 in the morning!

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A DC said...

Ahh, the 1100 block of Grace. I had an apt there that leaked when it rained. I had my own indoor waterfall, no shit. The whole wall, dude.