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Friday, July 8

Friday Love/Hate

I hate work; it gets in the way of life. My work is not real and is full of unnecessary manmade political dramas and I sit in a room with like five computer screens pointed at me like Vietcong rifles, couple of them with 30-inch monitors, and to some who would look at this it would seem like this cozy technological nest to cherish and feel awe over, but to me it's a goddamned conspiracy, and cracking the fissures in my neural tissue. I am experimenting with personal counters to protect myself from these overcivilized devils and their machines, and it's a constant process (dare I say, war) but you have to do it, or else you are one of the brain dead zombies and end up thinking Bill Simmons is funny or that you have to see a movie right away that Friday or else it will be ruined for you. I ain't going out like that.

I love my ol' lady. It is a war against the forces that are out there, but serious wars are boring and unfun to fight, and morale gets low. It is beneficial to have a life partner in these wars who shares your strange sense of humor for the strange slant of a world that thinks itself perfectly upright. We are fine-tuned to each other like any proper partnership, and can communicate with slight non-gestures oblivious to others. Without her I would not be what I am, which I am not sure what that is but I know it's a lot fucking better than it would have been without. It goes both ways too. This ain't a Hee Haw skit, it's a partnership, in a fun-loving, good-natured war against the unloungin' anti-spiritual over-civilized forces that have proliferated our 2011 world.

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