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Friday, July 29

J.J. Krupert Top 13 Countdown - June '11 #12: "Sunny Day" by Screwed-Up Click

I had been taking little notes in a tiny little American Girl-sized notebook of shit to write but that hasn't happened because life has been fatiguing and also because I am more of a natural born free-form type, not meant to be confined even by my own notations for the future. I was going to write about how Screwed music is the greatest summertime music because it's all thick and slow like humidity, and it's been really hot in my real life. I heard some nerd lady talking inside the NPRs about global warming today and how that meant bigger blizzards too and it made me laugh because that's every redneck dude's justification that global warming is bullshit - when it snows two dicks deep in December, they're all like, "Where's that global warming now?" and that's that.
We are an ignorant fucking animal, but hey we've done some interesting things. Screw was ahead of his time because now everything is derivative and the key is to be creative with your derivate bullshit, and that's pretty much what Screw did. This song is like the "Simple Man" of screwed music... Okay, maybe not. That would probably be "25 Lighters" by Fat Pat, but I'm not writing about that, I'm writing about this. I feel bad for Lil Flip because he was so awesome, the king of the world, and got punked by T.I., everybody of the internet age has seen pictures of him in a leprechaun outfit, and really it's hard to take anything seriously now. Plus, he did that wack ass major label release with R&B hooks and shit, although that great "Game Over" beat with Pac Man eating up everything was nice.
I am just sort of rambling because I need to write something for this blog again. Mostly I've been writing crazy man poetry and working on this other thing, plus reading old Confederate Macks to collect into a book, but the early Confederate Macks bummed me out so much I had to pull back. The hatred and frustration I was expressing was sort of shocking to me, and it kinda bothered me people thought that shit was so cool. So then I think, "Fuck people," which is basically the underlying belief behind those early Confederate Macks that so disturbed. This means that even though I'm a completely changed man, and think very differently about the world, I still have the same underlying beliefs. The more things change, the more they are like whatevs.
STEAL "Sunny Day"
Soul food cafe staple!

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