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Thursday, October 18

Gambleraku Graffiti Scrolls

It can be difficult to transcend the physical world with your creative juju intact when you might wonder how some are successful and you are not. That is part of the struggle we each get to handle though. But I often juggle thoughts of how to feel rewarded for what it is I do, whatever that is, when it doesn’t quite fit the realm of marketability according to how our society works. But then today there was a roll of forgotten receipt printing paper on top of the gas pump.
Things like this are blessings in my crooked brain wiring, so I snagged that bama and brought it home, like a thousand other found objects around the Bird Tribe compound. The scroll-like quality of it automatically registered with me.
So of course I composed a gambleraku (that’s my form of haiku – three lines of seven syllables each, triple sevens, which I first wrote while in the void of Vegas a couple years back, thus gambleraku), which I scribbled out in my half-assed grafuscript.
Words scribble through my mind all the time, and I must admit I have trouble turning them into the types of things that the word industry can understand and sell to other people who enjoy consuming word products. But this is as natural as oxygen in/carbon dioxide out to me. I could do it all day long.
Except the roll of paper will run out at some point. But I figured it’s a good opportunity to share my work with whoever out there might want to have it shared with them. So until the roll is done, I’ll compose one-of-a-kind gamblerakus, for whoever wants to enable our Bird Tribe compound lifestyle.
And being I am into quality not quantity, I don’t really feel like making it real specific in the number sense. If you paypal me anything from $15 to $23, wherever you feel good in that scale, with the button on the right, I’ll mail you your own gambleraku graffiti scroll of pure raven. If you ain’t American lean high on that scale so the postman doesn’t unenable what you are enabling. But whatever feels right is gonna be right. If you choose to do so, when doing the paypals, check it as a gift too to keep their grubby intrusions more minimal. That’s basically it. If you can see this post, then the deal is still real.

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